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Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, American Packaging Group is a rapidly growing producer of custom packaging solutions.  In essence, we facilitate our client’s needs in getting their product from the production floor to market.  We design package and display solutions including boxing, stands, and pouches.  With production facilities in over 32 locations nationwide, we are uniquely positioned to take on almost any medium to large size package development contract.

We offer clients a complete solution by providing strategy and needs analysis, award winning design, and high-quality production and fulfillment services.  APG partners with our clients long-term to improve their efficiency, reduce overhead, and significantly increase small and large business revenues.

Our commitment to our community never falters.  Providing volunteer work to charitable organizations and participating in events to better the community remains a key driver of our workforce.  We participate in helping people on a local, international, and regional program.

What we offer:

Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging comes in many forms from custom printed hanging poly bags to point of purchase (POP) floor and counter displays. Great visual appeal can be accomplished with high gloss shrink film, or litho label photo quality graphics printed on corrugated designs. Other times, the best packaging solution may be rigid, rolled edge boxes that provide an unlimited variety of paper designs or even a paper board folding carton that can be printed in eye catching five color graphics.

Regardless of the substrate decision or the deciding result objective, we have the products to help make your vision a reality. We can help you focus the best answer for you and your item to help amplify deals, while minimizing your expenses and your carbon and water foot shaped impressions.

Branded and Custom Printed Packaging

Branded and Custom Printed Packaging has risen in popularity for both retail applications competing for shopper’s attention and for secondary packaging used to ship products, especially to e-commerce customers. The internet has made almost every product a commodity and the transaction is typically impersonal so making a positive, memorable impression is more important than ever to help convert that 1 time order into a valued repeat customer.

Just about every item we offer, whether stock or custom in size, is accessible specially printed. This incorporates our Contract packaging, Corrugated packaging, folding cartons and our flexible packaging.

We offer any size from: a little cooler box to transport an imperative temperature delicate prescription to an oversized cooler to convey a week’s value of unique eating regimen dinners, and don’t require enormous essentials. We can make any package, you give us the design and well get it done.

Whether your company goal is to save, secure, show or maybe an one of a kind plan, for example, a tote, or stackable, reusable tray, chances are we have effectively done something comparative in the recent past. 



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