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Contract packaging

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Getting your product packaged right the first-time.

Step 1:  The Design

At American Package Group, we create custom and fresh systems, i.e. layouts, designs, basically the blueprint for your finished product.  Our detail oriented team will meet with you and your team to hammer out what is best for your product.  Then the work commences.  We go through a meticulous process of laying out exactly what you need.  After your approval, and ours, we move onto production. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah we can provide all our services to anyone throughout the united States.

Services we provide:

  • Liquids blending and filling
  • Dry mix blending and filling
  • Liquids fill in pouches and bottles
  • Lab work and micro testing
  • Mixing
  • Form, fill, seal machines & bottles
  • Call 801-943-1111 or email for other requests


 Easy packaging for liquid goods


Have a Liquid Packaging Problem?

We have the solution

With an expert staff able to take care of formulation mixing and bottling, we can fill anything from a two oz. bottle to a gallon jug.  We have multiple lines tailored for low and high volume jobs.

getting your goods to market in FDA approved containers


Pill Package Processing

Now that’s a tongue twister worth remembering.

From packaging labor to unique packaging solutions we can handle pills and capsules just the way you need it.

Need a helping hand?

We have multiple facilities that can handle your orders with professional care.  We can kit, assemble, and re-pack your product in several of our facilities.


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