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APG designs and manufactures all types of custom corrugated boxes and displays.

We create

  • small/large displays
  • retail boxes
  • shipping boxes
  • litho label boxes
  • other corrugated packaging
  • custom die-cuts


With our significant manufacturing process, we are able to provide the full range of corrugated products to match your company’s needs.


Our products provide an array of benefits for packaging and display:

–        150 lb. single wall to 600 lb. triple wall board to accommodate any shipping size and weight

–         B, C, D, E & N board fluting providing the specific appearance and strength for your product needs

–        Single face corrugated board

–        Four color process litho label laminating

–        State–of-the-art structural design centers can create samples to ensure correct sizing, style, and strength before production occurs


Minimum Order According to Product Purchased

Litho Laminate = 1,000

Shippers = 1,000

Floor and Side Kick Displays = 500

Counter Top = 1000



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