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Flexible Packaging

POUCHES and BAGS                         ROLL STOCK

Everything we do and provide at APG is centered on our client and their products.

Making your product stand out can be as simple as changing the wrapping.  Having a fresh presentation for your product’s packaging can be the difference between someone passing it up or snatching it off the shelf.

Pouches, bags, and roll stock are a fast and growing marketing niche.

Our highly-qualified team provides assistance in new product development so that your product can get the edge on the competition.  We implement multiple types of films to assist with structuring the packaging to the product. Whatever you need, 8 different colors reverse or surface printing, we can do it.

APG makes getting your product to market a breeze and, dare we say it, enjoyable. Whether it is food related, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, or industrial, APG can handle it with professional grade skill.


Roll Stock or Preformed?

We provide both and each has the advantage of our quality testing process. Our testing services aid in creating a structure for your product, i.e. peel and reseal, pillow or stand up pouches, single packs, multi-packs, for food-grade and non-food grade.

Our minimum order = 8000


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