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Folding Cartons

We are the difference that makes your product a success.

We put the rush in rush orders.

Your product is ready to go on the market but the packaging isn’t done. We have the tools and specialties to get your packaging designed, approved, and produced in the time you need.

We specialize in dry goods. This means that we can do everything from food and bakery boxes to stands for books and sunglasses. Our design team meets with yours to begin creating the high-impact packaging your product needs.


From design to production, we work with your team through each step of the process. Our state-of-the-art structural center and CAD machine allow us to make high-quality samples and mock-ups.  This allows you to see the end product and also show it to your people before final approval and production.

Our professional displays and packaging will help to create an instant interest in your product. High-impact designs made by our team will help your product get the brand recognition and market penetration it deserves.

At APG, we stock a wide range of materials from virgin board to recycled.   We also have various specialty boards to make your item stand out.  Besides the board, we offer a range of surface finishes to print your advertising onto the packaging.  We offer coatings, textured surfaces, foil, and embossing options all designed to make your product more attractive and boost your sales.


We can provide a custom fit for your product. Simply send us a sample of the product.

Our services are offered for a minimum of 1,000 – 1,000,000 items for each run.



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